Name Madison Michelle Lyn


Maddi Lyn Kitten Greed's Right Hand Woman

Place of Creation Amestris
Date of Birth December 29th, 1896
Age 18
Species Chimera

Greed, Martel, Dolchetto, Roa, Bido

Greeling(Greed), Hienkel, Ape Guy


Devil's Nest - Part Time Waitress

Greed's henchman and right hand lady

Abilities Ability to use claws, fangs, and transform "slightly" into a snow leopard resembling form in which she gains false fur, a white tint on her spots, furred leopard like ears still in human anatomy position, and a leopard tail if fully tapped into her animal
Weapon - |Goal |To make Greed and herself happy aiding the Elric brother's and Greed in defeating Father |- |First Appearance |Chapter 25 Episode 14 (2009 series) |- |Voice Actor |N/A |- |Seiyū |N/Amura (2009 anime) |- | colspan="2" style="text-align:center;font-size:13.5px;background:rgb(59,68,75);"| |}
Chapter Chapter #25
Episode Episode # 14 Beasts in Dublith
Voice Actors
English N/a (2009 series)
Seiyu N/a (2009 series)

Madison Michelle LynEdit


At the age of 14, Maddi was just an ordinary school student in Central. She was teased by the girls and made fun of for her glasses and early hormonal development when she was 11. She wasn't aware that she was being monitored and stalked until she was later captured, her parents were killed, and she was tossed into a cage in the back of a truck and taken to somewhere unknown.

She was forced onto a lab table after being taken out of the truck, a leopard cub was brought in, and the bad situation started. The experiment was put into place and followed through with causing her to pass out from the pain. Before and after she awoke, her body was constantly monitored and given tests to make sure she was stable while they explained she'd be in a great deal of pain for a few weeks; they also explained her job that she'd take on after recovery. 

After the pain subsided and she was proclaimed stable, they trained her like a circus cat to do as the military required. They trained her body, her mind, and her skills so she'd be a reliable fighter to capture, condemn, and kill convicts and criminals on command.

After being in this line of duty for 4 years till she turned 18, it'd become frustrating, traumatizing, and tiresome, but it'd given her plenty of time to think her way out of this place. She sketched out every route out of the place, every route around central, etc. Sadly enough she hadn't arrived in time for Greed to get her out 4 years ago, but she still found a way to escape by luring a guard to her cage and stealing his keys. Luckily she was able to outrun most of the people trying to capture her again while coming to a few close calls on the way out.

She later had herself learn to adapt in the outside world and adjust from being the military's attack cat, to being a human being which in reality, she could never go back to. After being alone for so long and resorting to stealth and stealing to acquire food and nourishment to live. She made her way to Dublith in search of a new place to live since the military were close to finding her again. Greed came across her and fist looked her body up and down and noticed her lack of decent clothing and most of all lack of panties which made him smirk in amusement. He cunningly offered her a place by his side as long as she did as he said and that she'd be his right hand lady if she followed through and made the cut. He did give her the choice not to go with him as well with a less amused expression and a more serious one in its place. She accepted, not wanting to live like this any longer.

When she arrived at the Devil's Nest, she was introduced as HIS possession; Greed's woman; his right hand lady; and that any man or chimera who touched her possessively or inappropriately would be punished. After all, Greed hated people who tried and take what was his.

After a while, Greed learned more about her as a person, saw her true nature as she interacted with the other chimera and without even knowing it, she would manipulate men into doing what she told them to to get what she wanted; a glass a milk, a ball of yarn, eventually getting them to roll over and beg whenever she wanted an escort to get food and a body guard while she walked through town.

A bit later, he made her an object of his sexual desires and walked her through her first few times before it became the norm for her to cuddle with and pleasure her master, although, he made some mistakes that ended up getting him scratched up quite a bit. Oddly enough, he learned to enjoy her cruelty when she was angry and how animal and dominant she was to him without any regrets for it later due to it got him the rough primal sexual intercourse he wanted from her. He enjoyed how she taught him "a lesson", he admired and loved her moxie, but mostly her greed.

Greed learned to respect and love the greed she carried in her heart, but didn't really respect her much as a woman because he wanted her body, and what he wanted he got, no if's and's or but's, nothing but what he wanted from her as a woman when he wanted it; even if it meant her being rough and giving him a bit of punishment whenever she demanded to play or when he purposely agitated her.

He'd gotten completely accustomed to how she was about a year later and continued to keep her by his side; he wanted her there. In return for all that she did for him, he did things for her to make her happy and satisfy her greed. When she first got there, he bought her the outfit she wears now to accent her curves and her large breasts and show people who she belonged to by further accenting her with a small vest like his own. It only amused him more to find out she hated panties. She could care less if she flashed someone when she bent over and he thought it was rather interesting to see this unknown behavior that most women didn't publicly display and didn't seem to enjoy doing.

First ImpressionsEdit

More into detail about when she arrived, Martel didn't really like her at first, she thought she would be another bimbo for Greed to play with then toss aside when he found something better. Dolcetto disliked her immediately due to her being part cat regardless of the kind, and his canine instincts new it by her scent. Roa seemed to think she was rather pretty and he liked how sweet and gentle she was to him. Bido didn't have much contact with her, but after a while she started reassuring him that if no one else cared about him that she did and made him a bit happier to be around his friends more often even when they kicked him around for fun.

As the relations grew, Dolcetto learned to tolerate her a little, but then he learned what type of cat she was mixed with. A snow leopard was a big cat; mixed with just a cub or not, their instincts were purely wild and ruthless when they hunted and he grew frightened and afraid that she'd one day turn on him and try to eat him; so he tried to keep his distance. Every once in a while he'd get a big surprise by her being a little too playful and sitting on his face while he napped. It embarrassed him more than anything and she'd wrestle with him from time to time to encourage him to play along, but he never did. 

Martel began to get used to her and admired her determination and how she stood up to Greed despite her being his lady. The first time they sparred together they both grew to respect each other as allies and have ever been since. They got to know each other on a female level which she couldn't do with any of the others due to them being guys alone and they shared secrets. The two had a special bond. Roa enjoyed her playful side and how she'd kiss his cheek and how she'd give a big tough guy like him such gentle affection. He gave her gifts along and along trying to do something nice in return.

Bido basically hid behind her whenever she was around if any of the other chimera wanted to bully him. She protected him without hesitation. Soon the others respected Bido out of fear of her and Greed kicking their asses if they hurt his lady.


Symbol Guide

^ - Her original characteristics from childhood to arriving at the Devil's Nest</span>

  • - Were acquired from being around Greed and the others

~ - Were already there, but became more apparent/noticeable as she lived with Greed and the others.

Kind and Caring ^

Her most admired personality trait is her kindness and how much she cares for the people she sticks to. Even though Greed may not rightfully appreciate it as much, he does know that she's kind enough to do as he asks, if he doesn't piss her off, and makes sure his greedy kitty is happy which in turn makes him better off. She often does whatever she can around the bar; helps serve drinks, makes sure the customers are happy, makes sure Greed has his favorite drink and if he wants her company she's glad to give it to him. She dislikes anyone being unhappy and is often focused on getting Dorchet to trust her. The only issue is behind closed doors, she can't stand her tail being pulled when she's having fun in the bedroom.  (Explained more under interactions with others)

Gentle ^

She does have a tough disposition at times due to being around her new crowd. If you try to overpower her, she makes sure you know she's nothing to be messed with, but she's normally a gentle type of person. She enjoys a good cuddle, being pet and scratched, and laying on a lap or two to cat nap; mainly Greed's lap. When she's around certain members, she determines if they need to be/should be treated more gently than others and gives them the proper care she thinks they deserve.

Generous ^

To help out around the bar as listed above she will do the following; Make drinks, serve drinks and food, care to the customers to make sure they're satisfied, make sure to get Greed his favorite drink, etc. >She also likes to give the others(Roa, Martel, etc) presents. She finds bones and balls for Dorchet to play with when he's bored, gives Roa extra care, as well as makes sure Bido feels welcome when he's given a hard time, and helps Martel train.<

Tough *

Don't let her cute face fool you. She's not dainty in the least and can easily hold her own against most threats or causes of agitation from her so called "military pet" training. She doesn't let herself get kicked around in a fight, or by her master, and makes sure the men in the bar keep their hands off her. She's not afraid to go head to head with anyone, especially when she likes to help Martel train. She'll even claw and bite Greed if he steps over the line. I'd imagine Greed would enjoy a feisty, tough, independant woman by his side, no?

Cunning, Manipulative & Greedy ~

In tough situations she can be very cunning and will gladly use her wits to outsmart whomever she has to. She's also actually not aware how manipulative she is unless she's turned on or again in a tough situation. She tends to play someone's emotions with sad eyes to get what she wants(being one of the times Greed's influences were most present) and only Greed really understanding exactly what she's doing and how greedy she truly is also having given her tips based on her body and that she's a woman.  On another hand, there is a point when she does know and she's purposely doing it to keep her own freedom or her life, or to satisfy herself while having intercourse with Greed as well as during foreplay. When she was trapped in the 5th lab in a cage, she plotted and thought for a few months playing out situations in her head till she got to where she wanted.</span> She manipulated one of the guards to steal his keys and after he fell for ,it allowing her to have her freedom.

This is something that's there, but not 100% known by herself that she does it, but becomes more aware of how to use it to get her way with Greed's influence.

Smart ^

She's actually very intelligent and is able to learn and catch onto new things pretty quickly and easily. She's learned a lot on the streets; developing her instincts and street smarts, incase she has to fend for herself at any time, as well as she observes people to gather intel for Greed as well as out smart many people she comes across by learning their nature, but she's still far from perfect because as anyone can, she may misinterpret situations and make mistakes. There are obviously a lot of things she doesn't understand or can't wrap her head around such as; why people dislike chimeras so much or why some people hated her being one and when she lurked around in the streets when she didn't even do anything to anyone. A lot of times things that shouldn't bother her anymore float around in her head and affect her dreams giving her a low self esteem that she hides from the others.

Playful ~

She is part leopard cub, so she naturally has the urge to play rough and wrestle with other members. They usually take it easy on her because she's still a lady, and she's Greed's property. She'll get playful and challenge Martel to contests as well as chase little toys and string that Roa finds for her and give to her since he cares for her as a person and comrade. She's at her most playful in the bedroom unless Greed pulls her tail... again.

Curious: ^She was born with an innate curiosity for the world around her. She always wanted to know whatever she could, figure out things she couldn't wrap her head around, or discover new things to investigate. When she was mixed with the cub, her curiosity soon became somewhat cat-like. Shining things attracted her eye, string, etc.

Honest ^

She was always an honest girl when it really mattered. Even though she can be manipulative and cunning, she always kept her word whenever possible. The more time she spent around Greed, he taught her his own principles. "I make it a matter of principle to never tell a lie, it doesn't make the situation any better." So she's made sure to continue living by this principle making it one of her own.

Fickle *

As she spent more time with Greed, he began to cause her to bring out that fickle part of her animal. He'd grab her tail in the bedroom as foreplay just to get her amusing reaction. She would instantly change to her animal like form and give him a good clawing. Oddly enough Greed never used the shield and he always healed instantly afterwards. Maybe he's a bit of a masochist. Who knows. But he enjoys teasing her to get her turned on enough for the rough type of intercourse he craves from her.

Secretive & Low Self Esteem ^

When Maddi was alone to fend for herself, she got into some bad situations as well as she somewhat dislikes how she looks despite the fact that Greed and other men have told her she's beautiful. She got picked on as a child up till she turned 16 when her body started to mature into what it is currently. She wore glasses, had chestnut hair, it was short, and she was very much disliked by other girls, mainly because she seemed to mature much earlier when she turned 11 making them jealous.

Even though all these things are over an done with, she keeps them secret to herself and never talks about her human past. Even though being a chimera is a bit traumatizing in itself, she's a lot happier this way than she was when she had no allies at all and realized this once she got her freedom from the lab and was able to see again without the use of glasses.

Stubborn/A Bit Spoiled *

When you catch her in certain situations, she can be very stubborn and refuse to do what she's told by any of the other chimeras who look after her.  Usually being very generous, she'll have her bad days and not want to sweep up after closing time or take out the trash. When it really comes down to something serious, her stubborn attitude get her in a bit of trouble, but Greed usually lets her get what she wants, so she's actually stubborn due to being a bit spoiled rotten by her "master".


Character InteractionsEdit

How They Saw HerEdit

Roa:  Roa seems to like her around. He enjoys how kind and gentle she is when she talks to him and how she treats him. He doesn't mind giving her a toy to play with; a piece of string, a toy mouse, and often will bring her little things to make her happy and repay her kindness.

Martel:Martel doesn't show much emotion other than anger, and it's true that Maddi can be a tad annoying due to how hyper she can become. If the moment is just right, she can and will get pissed off with Maddi as she would anyone else if she's having a bad day. She usually respects Maddi for actually being tough and not letting people push her around when it counts in a fight. Maddi will actually be a good sport and arm wrestle with Martel to provide some entertainment and earn her respect. Surprisingly they ended up having a respectful relationship and a tight bond; thick as thieves.


When Maddi joined, Dorochet could already smell/tell she was combined with some kind of cat. Being a dog, he didn't like that especially when Greed seemed to take a decent enough liking to her already. Dorchet will often do what he can to mess with her and pick on her, but over all he just doesn't want to deal with her unless he has to. When he found out she was mixed with a leopard cub, cub or not, a leopard is a BIG cat. A simple dog in a fight with a big cat doesn't end well. He often has nightmares and fears that she'll one day turn on him and try to eat him even though she wouldn't dream of it.

Bido:Bido doesn't have much contact with her, but respects her as one of Greed's henchmen. When he does interact with her, he will hide behind her when being picked on and she's around. She usually pats his head and brings him small things like food or a gift or two due to show she cares. Maddi likes to make sure everyone's happy, and Bido likes that she's not like most of the members who beat him up for sport.


When she first meets Edward, he's picking a fight with Greed. She keeps out of the way due to it being man to man business and goes off on her own till everything cools down. When she finds out the chimera's sanctuary was raided and they were killed, as well as Greed is no where to be found, she relies on Edward to keep her going though she doesn't approach him right away. She follows him from a distance and curiously watches what he does, listens to his conversations, and tries to work up the courage to tell Edward she needs him so she doesn't feel alone anymore. She only ever comes out after she finds him with the Lion and Ape chimeras, injured and in need of assistance. From there she's accepted as an ally and joins Ed and the other chimera to serve Greeling when they have no other choice. Ed regrets that he couldn't protect her later down the road, bringing up a similarity to what happened to Nina, but didn't impact him as much as Nina's death did.

Alphonse:Alphonse grows attached to her once she tells him she's technically part cat and how he noticed she acts like one. They first met after Ed and Al met back up again, but they only knew each other for a short time until she was killed by Father when fighting with Ed and the others.

Winry:Winry was glad that there was another girl in the group to talk to when they were still at the Rockbell house, though, the time was short lived.

Greeling:She often heard Greeling referring to himself as Greed, but still remained in the shadows to see what would happen first. After joining with Ed, Darius, and Heinkel, she willingly follows Greeling as his lady like she was to the previous Greed. She somehow peeks Greeling's interest in a way he doesn't understand before he regains his memories and remembers her vividly. Being the last person alive from his past, he uknowingly seems to keep her very close and gets protective of her, possibly not wanting to feel guilty about losing her deep in his subconscious. Greeling gets furious at father for killing her, his last possession, and in return ends up dieing as well that he couldn't protect someone so close to him, but not regretting the fact he'd made a good bit of friends while he was alive. Maybe he hopes to see his friends, and Maddi, on the other side?

Ling:Ling gets along with her pretty well from her personality alone. He enjoys being around someone so sweet and appreciates that she's not just offering to help Greed, but to help him in his goals as well. When he remembers Greed, he remembers her as well and appreciates how much they helped him throughout his journey in Amestris before both her and Greed perished.

How She Saw ThemEdit


She actually prefers sweet yet tough Roa to the other chimera in the bar. He treats her like a lady and she admires that about him. She'll often kiss him on the cheek to thank him and she knows he's not perfect, but she also knows and sees how he can be a real sweetheart and a gentleman.

Martel:Maddi actually looks up to Martel as a role model, but also as her rival. She loves how tough and confident Martel is while Maddi herself is really just as tough. Over all she likes to hang out with Martel rather than anyone else when it comes to girl stuff.

Dorchet:For some reason she actually has an attraction to Dorochet in an animal type of way though it's more playful than sexual. It's probably due to hormonal reasons she doesn't quite understand due to not understanding animals attraction to other animals in general. She tries to make him happy and at least content with her; she'll nuzzle his legs, pet him in just the right spot so his foot thumps on the ground, and to tease, sit on his face while he's asleep just because she thinks it's fun.

Bido:She dislikes how everyone treats Bido so terribly and how they push and shove him around. She has sympathy for him, and likes to reassure him that he's needed as much as the other 3.

Greed:Due to him being basically her salvation, he has grown to love Greed. She has dominant instincts with him too when they're playing in the bedroom and enjoys being in constant physical contact when they're alone. She loves to nuzzle him, lick his neck, and other things but usually behaves when they're in front of others. Seeing as how Greed's getting a good bit of attention from a sexy lady, he tends to be fine with whatever she does when they're alone and enjoys her naughty animal side and her greed the most, even when he's getting a good tongue lashing or physically abused since that's how she likes playing at times and how he likes to play with her.

Edward:Maddi honestly likes Edward as a person, but doesn't always know how to approach him.

Alphonse:She enjoys how sweet he is the most and how he knows just where the scratch her behind the ears.

Winry:Maddi loves having another girl to do girl things with ever since the others and Martel were killed.

Greeling:She acts a lot of the same way she did around the original Greed and has the same affection for him. Greeling particularly enjoys or finds it amusing with her constant need for contact and her sexual desires being so apparent in her body language when she's around him, though, she tries to behave until they're alone.

Ling:She admires Ling's determination, his greed, and enjoys his sweet nature when he's around her. She loves him petting her and scratching her back which usually makes her purr.

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