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Winry Rockbell & Edward Elric

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Fullmetal Alchemist OC's wiki page!

Before you join, there's just a few lines and guidelines to follow to ensure that we all enjoy ourselves and there are no problems.

  1. No Fighting: Let's be honest, no one likes to fight. Therefore, please do not cause fights. We are all here to share our OC's and fighting about them is very unproductive and ruins everyone's mood. Therefore, please avoid fighting.
  2. No Mary Sues: While this site is used to display and give information about your OC, as a community, we would like to help develop your character as far as you can as to avoid being considered a "Mary Sue". Please refer to the Mary Sue information page for a more indepth description.
  3. Fanart/Drawings/Tracing: Please spend time drawing/tracing your character. While tracing can get you some hate from the internet, this is a no judge community. However, you must credit the original artist/author. Also, please make sure your character's design is legible and clear.
  4. Grammar/Spelling: Please take the extra time to reread your article and fix any spelling or grammar errors, if you need help, there's spell check or you could even have another member look over everything before you publish the finished product.

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